A survey on the MOOC English course at University Terbuka

Johanna B S Pantow
Universitas Terbuka

MOOC UT was lauching in May 2014. MOOC is a course of study available to a very large number of people over the Internet without charge. Those who decide to take MOOC simply log on to the website and sign up to join. It seems that people are eager to attend the English course through this mode of learning. The survey in this study is divided into two aspects, with the first focusing on the process of developing the course, including the tutorials, the forum, chat, the handling of participants' tasks, and the giving of feedback on them. It also examines how the two tutors manage the tutorials which are attended by about 636 participants. Second, the paper outlines the participants' feedback in a ‘Tell us what you think about this course' survey which covers, for example, performance, the materials, time allocation, and the assignment. Furthermore, it describes the participants' background and their goals in attending the course. Students' suggestions for making the course more effective are also included in the paper, with some examples of their comments on the forum and chat quoted. Given the findings of the survey, it is recommended that the course should continue to be delivered through MOOC, which differs from the way in which the previous online tutorials were handled.