The integration of micro-lectures into the blended learning discourse in tertiary education

Jie Xu and Xiangyang Zhang
The Open University of Jiangsu
Nanjing, China

Micro-lectures were introduced into formal educational programmes in China some years ago. Since then, short video clips on specific points of knowledge, using state-of-the art design, have been made accessible on learning platforms in a blended and mobile learning format. The use of micro-lectures has been discussed widely and accepted by both university academics and students, especially in distance education institutions where the students are adults. Multi-modal learning has become a popular approach with mature students to attain their learning goals.

In this paper, we discuss the practice of integrating the micro-lectures into our Business English course. The current study adopts a systemic qualitative framework. This framework describes and analyses the issues related to the design of the short video clips and their integration into the course format, learning support service, learning management and students' learning experiences and their impact on learning and teaching in the blended learning discourse in tertiary education.