Utilizing e-learning for integrative learning: A value innovation at St Paul University Philippines(SPUP)

Giged Tong-Battung
St Paul University
Tuguegarao City, the Philippines

In the school year 2011Ė12, St Paul University (SPUP) took the strategic direction of adopting integrative learning in response to the required competencies of industry in the 21st century. When students graduate, the world of work requires them to collaborate and work with people of various disciplines. Their abilities to work in a team and integrate interrelated concepts into the work environment are necessary in the current workplace. This paper presents SPUPís experience in utilizing e-learning as a tool to achieve integrative learning, where there is a simultaneous pursuit of differentiation, low-cost processes and synergy which result in value creation for the students and the University. It discusses how value innovation is achieved when the whole e-learning system of utility, price and cost are aligned to achieve integrative curriculum delivery. It also describes how SPUP cost-effectively utilized e-learning to achieve collaboration and synergy among different interrelated disciplines during the design, development and delivery of its programmes. The research uses the descriptive case method.