Integrating an e-Portfolio system in an online environment for higher learning

Al Francis D Librero
University of the Philippines Open University

Los Baņos, the Philippines

Over the years, electronic portfolios have been studied and used extensively by institutions of higher education for the benefits they bring on many fronts. An e-porftolio is a powerful tool for assessment and reflection for both students and faculty staff. But unlike other assessment tools and methods that are confined within a single course, provided with an appropriate system, an e-portfolio can facilitate an integrated academic programme-level assessment of students. It also becomes an avenue for showcasing content to the public at an individual or institutional level.

This paper covers the initial stages of building an e-portfolio system and modifying the lesson plans and assessment policy of a pilot course in an undergraduate online academic programme in the University of the Philippines Open University. These steps have been taken in an attempt to take advantage of the above benefits, focusing on establishing an e-portfolio culture and developing students' ability to become reflective learners. This paper is also intended to be a foundation for additional research on enhancing teaching and learning outcomes.