Open education initiatives and KM readiness in an ODeL institution

Melinda F Lumanta and Alvie Simonette Q Alip
University of the Philippines Open University
Los Baņos, the Philippines

This paper examines the open education initiatives of an open and distance e-learning (ODeL) institution in relation to its knowledge management (KM) maturity level. The results of an earlier research project on this issue are presented in terms of seven audit categories, viz. leadership, people, processes, technology, knowledge processes, learning and innovation, and outcomes.

Open education initiatives were identified using the institution's three-year strategic plan, which included initiatives related to open and distance e-learning (ODeL), open education resources (OERs) and massive open online courses (MOOCs). The process of establishing strategic goals related to the institution's open education initiatives is discussed in the light of the characteristics of its level of KM maturity.

The paper aims to contribute to the discourse on the application of KM principles and practices in educational institutions and, more specifically, to open and distance e-learning (OdeL) institutions.