Student participation in academic activities

Sri Kurniati, Durri Andriani and Moh. Muzammil
Universitas Terbuka


Universitas Terbuka (UT), the Indonesia Open University, strives to serve its students by continually increasing the services it provides. Research on students' participation in academic activities is important in order to improve the quality of the services. The purpose of this research was to find out the student participation rate in the services available, and their level of loyalty to the University. In this study, the research population was the students registered during January to June 2013, and the sample was taken purposively from 23 Regional Offices in Indonesia. The data were obtained from a questionnaire, and the data processing used descriptive statistics. The results show that students have a high participation rate in academic activities, whether in direct teaching or online about 80% of them were involved in tutorial activities. Also, around 90% of the students selected as respondents recommended UT to their friends and asked them to join the University.