An open platform for educational resources in rich media: The case of the UPOU networks

Primo G Garcia
University of the Philippines Open University

Los Baņos, the Philippines

The UPOU Networks is a web-based station created in 2010 as a platform for producing and sharing educational videos and other learning resources in rich media. Since its launch, it has performed basically as an online repository for video materials, primarily for the use of students formally enrolled in any of the University's degree and non-formal courses. With UPOU's recent involvement in massive open online courses (MOOCs), there is a need to re-examine the role of the UPOU Networks and other efforts at maintaining openness. This paper discusses and defines the nature and purpose of our Networks, the relationship to the University's digital library, and its function in promoting open educational resources (OER), within the context of the issues in open education in which it is embedded. An online survey was conducted to find the perspectives of the potential users on their actual and/or perceived uses of the UPOU Networks. Recommendations are formulated on how the Networks can be a platform for greater openness in education at the University.