Revamping the learning management system to provide a successful learning experience

Hui Thian, Teo and Mansor, Fadzil
Open University Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Multi-mode education is fast becoming the norm in most learning institutions, especially those which offer online learning. The blended mode is the most commonly adopted mode of learning, as it provides both face-to-face interaction and online support to learners. Currently, online support revolves around the learning management system (LMS) that allows students to manage their account for their learning online. However, the current LMS supports is only related to learning content and administrative transactions, while learning motivation is left to the learners. However, with the present advances in ICT, more can be done in terms of boosting learners' engagement, providing better learning support and increasing learners' motivation. Open University Malaysia (OUM) recognizes the importance of these features, and sees the need to enhance its LMS which is called myVLE to provide its learners with a better learning experience. While many enhancements have been made to myVLE, the two most prominent ones are the forum page and a self-tracking button. In order to increase learners' engagement, the course forum has been revamped with a better interface and it now highlights three active threads at the top of the forum page. This provides quick understanding for learners and shows e-tutors what are the students' main concerns. Another important feature is the self-tracking button, where learners have the option of tracking their learning themselves; and by doing this, they are able to engage other related features. OUM understands how challenging it is to be a self-directed learner, especially when juggling work and learning. With these enhancements, OUM hopes to provide its learners with better support and motivation that will lead to a successful learning experience.