Learning support service system construction in an agro-ecological engineering course at Jiangsu Open University, and its implications

Ting Cheng, Chenghui Han, Rong Tang and Zhaoqin Huang
Jiangsu Open University

Nanjing, China

In recent years, the system of student learning support services has become an important research area in modern open and distance education. A good student learning support service can promote effective student learning, and improve the quality of teaching in distance education. This system not only needs to provide better resources, but also guide students to build resources. In an important undergraduate course on agro-ecological engineering in Jiangsu Open University, the students construct a personalized teaching resource package in the course of teaching practice, and master the methods of resources construction. In addition, various aspects of learning have been strengthened, and students receive training in learning skills and learning methods. The forms of guidance are very flexible, to support the learning process of students in agricultural engineering courses. The students' work is checked, evaluated and fed back in a timely fashion, which helps the students to maintain interest in learning. At the same time, guidance on the final examination contributes to the improvement of students' learning motivation. Also, to provide strong technical support for students on the eco-engineering course, an information communication channel has been constructed, and the network platform strengthened. Furthermore, a sound management services system has been established to support the teaching work on the course.