Online curriculum mapping as a learning analytic tool for collaborative distributed programme and curriculum development: Implications for open and distance learning

Roel Cantada
University of the Philippines Open University

Quezon City, the Philippines

This paper evaluates the acceptability of the open source online curriculum mapping system TODCM in distributed programme and curriculum development. With a survey and participant observation, it uses the criteria of strengths and weaknesses of the curriculum mapping function of the software; its support for collaboration and openness; and its usability and usefulness. The study looks at online curriculum mapping as a form of learning analytics for collecting instructional/curricular design data.

This study found positive perceptions of the CMS in terms of the criteria among geographically distributed graduate students and the faculty of a distance education institution. However, the lack of integration of the CMS with a learning platform, such as a learning management system, is a critical weakness of the software as a learning analytic tool for helping teachers and supporting staff in developing interventions that support teaching and learning.