A managerial evaluation of face-to-face tutorials in a distance learning primary education programme

Lusi Rachmiazasi Masduki, Binti Muflikah and Purwaningdyah Murti Wahyuni
Universitas Terbuka


Open universities continue to exist because of managerial quality, especially in terms of face-to-face tutorials. These tutorials, which have been available in the Distance Learning Programmes Unit (UPBJJ) at Semarang since the 2012 registration, have been managed well to date. Good management is carried out to satisfy students so that the results of their learning can be enhanced. Management research has been carried out on a wide variety of areas such as tutor recruitment, tutorial planning, scheduling, tutor training, tutor preparation, and tutorial monitoring by academic and administrative staff by giving questionnaires. This has provided an evaluation of UPBJJ services and tutors' performance. However, some tutors were rated as less than satisfactory; and, as a follow-up, those who had low scores are given a letter of reprimand and another tutor training sessionin to improve their performance.