The design of microlectures based on a mobile learning environment in an electrical commerce course

Fang Liu and Xiaoyuan Xu
Jiangsu Open University

Nanjing, China

With the rapid development of modern communication technology and wireless network technology, more and more peo ple have mobile terminals connected to the network. Mobile terminal devices, such as 3G smartphones and PADs, are characterized by miniaturization and portabity, which have gradually made mobile learning one of the mainstream ways of learning. But mobile learning is influenced by the limitations of mobile terminals, including, for example, small storage capacity, limited computing ability, and low resolution so, for the design of microlectures in a mobile learning environment, we need to take these limitations into consideration, designing learning activities and establishing suitable platforms for microlecture learning.

In this paper, we first analyse the four parts of a mobile learning environment: the mobile learning network supporting the environment; the mobile learning platform; mobile learning resources; and mobile learning terminal devices. Then microlectures on the concept, characteristics and functions are described. In open education platforms, microlectures can be understood to be a series of brief but complete teaching activities around certain knowledge modules completed by teachers and serviced for students, with video as the main carrier. Finally, the paper takes an electronic commerce course in Jiangsu Open University to explore the design concepts, design thinking and design methods for microlectures in mobile learning. For the course, which emphasizes application and practice, a microlecture design scheme is proposed in three major areas: microlecture module division, teaching mode selection and time allocation. This paper provides a reference for other open course construction, and new ideas for the further development of mobile learning.