The contribution of open and distance learning to the development of society in Vietnam: A case study from Hanoi Open University

Le Van Thanh and Hoang Tuyet Minh
Hanoi Open University

Hanoi, Vietnam

This paper provides insights into the status and contributions of open and distance learning (ODL) in Vietnam in terms of labour force development and knowledge and skills acquisition. The data show that most ODL undergraduates in Hanoi Open University (HOU) are studying 'hot' subjects such as Economics and Law. This reflects the demands of Vietnam's emerging market, in line with its industrialization, modernization and economic integration processes. The demand for different areas of knowledge and skills has changed in the course of Vietnam's socio-economic development, and this is also reflected in changes in the number of ODL undergraduates over the years. The data also show that the economic value of ODL is much higher than that of other modes of learning.