KNOU smart learning: Beyond the future KNOU learning environment

Kwang Sik Chung, Yeon Sin Kim, Chung Hun Lee and Sang Im Jung
Korea National Open University

Seoul, Korea

As the computing environment has evolved, the technology for gathering and dealing with user data has also developed. This is especially the case with the establishment of a smart environment, which can provide intelligent decisions, personal information and a communication service based on user big data. In the cloud environment, user big data is processed in several ways. Also, big data related to the learners can be used for making decisions on giving them the appropriate Smart Learning content; and are also used for basic data for establishing the personalized Smart Learning environment. We need a definition of learner big data for Smart Learning but, according to earlier research, there was not enough linkage between learner big data and Smart Learning.

In this paper, we define Smart Learning and its requirements. For this purpose, we define the smart environment and smart computing, and the features and requirements of smart computing. In order to define the concept of Smart Learning, we defined the status of Smart Learning, e-learning and mobile learning. We also defined the classification standard for Smart Learning and ubiquitous learning, and adapted this to KNOU's (the Korea National Open University) Smart Learning environment. This research outlines KNOU's Smart Learning based on our learning environment, and also discusses the University's learner big data. The definition of KNOU's Smart Learning can be used for establishing its future vision and its Smart Learning development roadmap.