Virtual collaborative learning using Wiki for adult ODL learners: The case of Wawasan Open University

Ean-Teng Khor
Wawasan Open University

Penang, Malaysia

Virtual collaborative learning has become increasingly popular in open and distance learning (ODL) environments over the last decade. Findings from a preliminary study at Wawasan Open University showed that collaborative learning activities enhance student satisfaction and achieve course learning outcomes. Wiki is widely promoted as a virtual collaborative tool and has been integrated into several learning management systems. However, there are limited studies on the effectiveness of Moodle-Wikis for virtual collaborative learning. Therefore, the aim of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of Moodle-Wiki in terms of students' perceptions and their performance. The data collected were further analysed and evaluated. The statistical results demonstrated that students have positive perceptions of Moodle-Wiki and the collaborative tool does enhance their learning performance. This study is useful for instructors and course designers as a guideline for investigating students' perceptions and understanding the effectiveness of collaborative tools.