The construction of an open education emotional support system based on affordance theory

Ping Liu
Yunnan Open University

Kunming, Yunnan

In distance education systems, with their separation in time and space, a study support service is a crucial element for success. Such a service should include a wide range of aspects, including emotional support, which is the focus of this study. For example, there is a need to solve the problem of trainers' lonelines which may affect their psychological health.

The theory of affordance, one of the basic theories for studying support services in open education, considers that differences in environmental characteristics provide different activities for special organisms; that is, a certain kind of study environment leads people to a particular style of studying.

This paper analyses emotional support services in distance education in the light of affordance theory, with particuar reference to the practices in the area of legal education in Yunnan Province. It discusses current problems and suggests theoretical strategies for the construction of an effective emotional support service system.