Research and analysis of a mobile phone library based on mobile learning

Yang Xiaohuan and Yang Lei
Yunnan Open University

Kunming, China

Mobile digital resources are restricted by IP segments from digital resource providers, and mobile terminals do not support all kinds of book readers and cannot provide the full text. Therefore, digital content cannot be directly accessed by a mobile terminal's digital library. A mobile library based on a digital library breaks through the limitation of IP segment restrictions, so that the digital library resources can expand to personal mobile terminals; and mobile terminals automatically adapt to different sizes of display screen, and overcome the limitation that they must be accessed by computer through the fixed network in order to make digital reading meet random reading needs, without the limits of equipment and geographic position. This paper discusses various problems and obstacles in the construction of a mobile phone library; analyses how to break through the restrictions of IP segments and geographic positions; and solves users' habit of reading in fragmented time. It also explains how to realize unified queries across different databases, and different mobile operating systems' adaptive displays. A series of key issues, such as breakpoint after study, and operable ideas and suggestions are discussed.