Student utilization of UT-Online

Sugilar Jiwapraja and Purwaningdyah Murti Wahyuni
Universitas Terbuka


UT-Online is a student learning support service based on information and communication technology provided by Universitas Terbuka, Indonesia (UTI). This study aimed to analyse (1) the characteristics of students who use UT-Online; (2) the students' awareness and knowledge of UT-Online; (3) the behaviour of students in using UT-Online; and (4) the attitude of students towards UT-Online. The method adopted was a survey, and the population was all UT-Online users. The sample consisted of 904 students who returned the questionnaire which was sent via email to 3,000 UT-Online users. The results of the study showed that: (1) the students' intensity of using UT-Online was characterized by the ease of access to the Internet, age and sex; and there was a tendency for the number of users to increase day by day; (2) there was a diverse level of awareness, use, mastery and training needs for each facility on UT-Online; (3) each facility of UT-Online could be classified based on the number of users, frequency of use, duration, time and place of access; and (4) the students' attitude towards UT-Online was positive, with a score of 3.06 on a scale of 1 to 4.