Psychological health education based on mobile learning

Shaoling Ye, Jiangying Yu, Dean Litao Zhu and Peiran Chen
Yunnan Open University

Kunming, China

Mobile learning can play a very important role in psychological health education, which aims to nurture the learners' mental health. This paper analyses six major advantages of its use in this area. Firstly, through mobile learning, extensive information on psychological health education can be collected, shared and spread rapidly. Secondly, mobile Internet technology (MIT) integrates the transmission of data, text, sound and image in a single digital environment, which gives learnes better access to information and a more enjoyable learning expereince. Thirdly, the portability of mobile learning devices is a significant advantage. Fourthly, the principal roles for psychological health based on mobile learning are treated equally. Fifthly, greater autonomy for self-learning is provided for the learners. Sixthly, the interaction possible on mobile learning breaks the past pattern of one-way transmission of information by those disseminating it. This paper proposes, and discusses in detail, a mode of psychological health education based on mobile learning which promotes individual-centred self-learning and team-centred collective learning.